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We conduct research into current and emerging transformation of cities, places and spaces towards smartness, resiliency and environmental sustainability.  A Smart Place is a city, place or space that







Research will be added on a regular basis.  We welcome contributors and we adopt an open sharing and exchange of best practice and ideas approach.  Join us.

uses data and technology applied in smart, savvy and sustainable ways

transforms the management of its many physical and digital “systems of systems”

ensures local circular economic, environmental and social resilience and sustainability

maintains and enhances liveability for its citizens and future generations.


World Climate & Environmental Data

The world consists of complex, multiple integrated ecosystems.


"The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), genetic engineering, quantum computing, and more."


Digital transformation is happening across all organisations and offers opportunity to tackle global challenges such as


  • Climate Change,

  • Infectious Disease Control

  • Food and Water Security

  • Information Security and Privacy

  • Ethical and Inclusive approaches to Artificial Intelligence

We pose the question, is the global community doing enough to detect, respond and recover our planet for future generations?


Australian Climate & Environmental Data

Australia has a unique environment and set of challenges and opportunities to play an active role in resolving global challenges locally or as an export opportunity to contribute.

We consider

  • Major sector activities

  • Major Policy impacts

  • Technology and Data enabler trends

  • Knowledge workforce capabilities

  • Resiliency risk and impact

  • Economic Sustainability

  • Environmental Sustainability

We pose the question, is Australia doing enough to detect, plan, respond and recover our planet for future generations?



Australian Municipal Climate & Environmental Data

Our cities and council play an important role in planning, managing and securing our places. 

This includes

  • Contributing UN Sustainability Goals

  • Enhancing Data Maturity for "smartness"

  • Using Technology and Data to Lower Operational costs

  • Increasing business continuity and place preparedness, detection and response to disasters.

  • Attracting inward investments and jobs

  • Engaging effectively to maintain positive relations with local citizens, communities and businesses.

We pose the question, how are our cities, towns and communities investing in technology, processes, data and people to sustainably detect, plan, respond and recover our planet for future generations?

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