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In 2020, a Queensland University of Technology report on Smart cities performance in local government areas revealed councils to be either leading, following or developing smart city services.


The NSW State Government has launched a $45M Smart Places Accelerator Fund to support local council innovation in partnership with academia and the private sector to uplift digital transformation and automation.


The time is now to apply for funding to use across the next 3 years.


Smart Footprints can help identify client led vendor agnostic solutions to opportunities with access to a primed and ready consortia of


  • Independent Technical experts in the areas of Business IT consulting, the Internet of Things, IT Infrastructure, Security and Data management;

  • Smart City policy and practitioner expertise well versed in global standards; and.

  • Trusted relationships with Universities, Government and Private Sectors.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Together we can help make the case for funding. Examples include


  • Asset Management - location, maintenance, unauthorised access

  • Mobile Applications for local service information - public transport, venues

  • Universal Internet Access - Public Wi-Fi - security, privacy

  • Community led Education and Training in Smart Technologies and Applications


We outline the market, funding and partner opportunity to deliver the latest sensor and control solutions to enhance council delivery of services to the local community.

If you are an eligible Local Government Authority or University interested in working with us, please Contact Us for more details.

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