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First Year Performance Scorecard

Dear All, I wanted to provide you with an update on our first financial year.

Smart Footprints is an independent IT Technical and Advisory Consultancy, based in Sydney that operates across Australia. We started Smart Footprints in mid-October last year.

It has been a huge learning curve and at times it felt like I was stumbling from one spot to another. I've updated my website more times than I should and for some, I've tried contacting you more than I should have. I hope you'll forgive me as I learn and grow.

Our Mission ensures year the education and research community and local government continue to have access to high quality independent and experienced consultants, architects and engineers at affordable prices so that you select and implement fit for purpose solutions for today and tomorrow at the best first-yearprice.

Here are the highlights and our first year report card

Smart Footprints 2020-21_report_card
Download PDF • 13.02MB

From day 1 we assisted universities in WA and later in NSW on con-campus wired and wireless network transformations - working on reviews, design and procurement projects. I wish to thank our customers and The Frame Group and Respiro for their support.

We formed 4 partnerships this year with Respiro, Synnepho Pty Ltd on network automation, engineering and cyber security and Renovatio Consulting Group Consulting and Meaningware on IoT, AI/ML Data analytics.

The numbers...

54 days - building, administering, operating the business

26 research days - market, technical, product, service development

70 consulting work days

20 pro bono days - Standards Australia and IEC on smart city systems standards development.

I am pleased to confirm that we performed all our work carbon neutrally, we offset 20 tonnes of carbon emissions via our friends at Carbon Positive Australia (business 5t and home 15t emissions) with a plan to further reduce carbon emissions and seek formal accreditation.

Over the next two years, our goals are to

  • Continue to serve education and research with truly independent technical network and cyber security services.

  • Continue to invest in data analytics and automation for smart campuses and places.

  • Apply our smart place readiness framework to more university campuses and local government areas to encourage improvement

  • Develop a virtual CIO and IT Manager service for SME businesses.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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