Smart Footprints Pty. Ltd. was established in 2020, the examples provided below are based on current and past work of members of our team to showcase the teams skills, experience and knowledge. 


On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core necessities and goals and then deliver expected outcomes in a sustainable way.

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Finance & Insurance sector

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IT Consulting
Consulting & Engineering
2012 - current


Use case identification

Business IT requirements

Functional specifications

Business cases,

Supplier selection

Independent Advisor

International Standards


Technical coverage


Research storage

Network Management Systems,

Network Access Control

Network Security (FW, IDS/IPS, SIEM)

Wired Data Networks

Wireless Data Networks, 

Cloud Networks

Unified communications

Data centre and co-location

Data Management

Data Dashboards

Coding Station
Network Review, Design, Procurement, Roll Out

The review recommended an aging infrastructure fleet and growing scale, complexity and cost required a new network fabric architecture and design.  The solution coupled multi-tenancy and automation alongside a cloud first strategy. 


Review consultation covered 50 stakeholders.  Globally similar university network deployments were compared. 


Network operations and management processes were analysed. 


Network utilisation was analysed from an active port and end of life perspective.


Architecture and design guides were created.


A parallel network implementation is underway following supplier selection.

Group of Eight University, Australia

Network virtualisation & capacity enables national media digitisation reality

This client was physically transferring large datasets of digitised content to overcome network and system data throughput and availability issues. 


An independent network review identified and isolated performance issues to the network and digitisation platform.  A new network was designed and implemented with multi-10Gb to 100Gb highly available bandwidth.  The network was expanded across Australian offices delivering a positive benefit to their core business.

Australian Government Funded Archive

Digital Network Cables
Image by Adam Nowakowski
Network Resiliency & Security, Data Centre Migration and Multi-Cloud connectivity

A combination of reviews, designs, procurement and hands on engineering created a secure resilient multi-site network ring with external data centre addressing local power, space and security risks and enhanced access to a variety of "Software as a service" solutions.

Major achievements included


  • Primary Data Centre Relocation in less than 30 hours. 

  • Wide Area "BGP" Network and Quality of Service priority routing at 10Gbps to multiple sites as a staged dpeloyment.

  • Enhanced Network Security posture through an architecture redesign for secure with firewall and associated policy and feature set upgrades.

Australian University