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Future Places Partner


Connected Future Places Partner

Renovatio Consulting empowers companies to thrive in the modern world helping formulate and implement digital strategies to enhance performance through digital technologies.


Analysis of company’s technology infrastructure, processes and people can strengthen organisational short-term performance and objectives while maintaining sustainable long-term goals.

Most recent advisory services has helped  harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) for a number of Local Government Authorities, Telecommunications Providers and Utility providers across Australia.

Renovatio Consulting is located in Melbourne, Victoria


Alex Grande


Data Driven Partner

Meaningware is an Australia-based AI company that develops technology platforms leveraging the latest in Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Meaningware analyses a large variety of structured and unstructured data to identify, classify and extract information.

Meaningware’s mission is to develop technologies that enable customers to implement efficient, versatile, accessible and affordable data-driven solutions.

Meaningware is located in Sydney, New South Wales


Ravi Dayal

Network Automation Partner

Synnepho is a privately owned Australian Information Technology Consultancy. We help businesses look after their IT environment, so that they can focus on building their business and looking after their customers.


The team at Synnepho have decades of experience in the IT industry, covering a very wide scope of technology areas. The organisation was formed to bring together these significant experiences and offer high end engineering services with a focus on innovation to provide the modern Australian business a competitive advantage.


Our primary focus is enablers of connectivity to cloud services. With extensive experience managing customer Wide Area Networks and associated datacentre, campus and branch office LANs we offer a specific selection of best in class Managed Services. 

Public cloud platforms have reduced infrastructure management overheads, cost of innovation and rapid development cycles. Synnepho takes the pain away for any business that requires secure connectivity to any public cloud service, by offering a fit for purpose managed solution.

Synneph is located in Sydney, New South Wales


Bill Efthimiou


Network Automation Partner

Respiro are leaders in data centre, multi-cloud and campus networking and information and operational cyber security.  They specialise in reviews, design, technical project management and solution configuration. 


They enable high performance agile, secure, resilient data networks that are fit for purpose, automated and cost effective. 

Respiro recent experience includes universities, health and industry precincts where collaboration between institutions using Information technology is a significant part of the success. 

Respiro is located in Sydney, New South Wales


Ray Burquest


Connected Future Places Partner

Visioncom has developed smart place solutions with hands on design and implementation of Internet "NBN" connectivity, CCTV security systems, Entertainment systems and automation solutions.

Visioncom's founder an ex Qantas A380 and 747 engineer, takes high safety and quality experience into commercial and home places to provide solution to monitor, secure and control places.

Visioncom is based in Melbourne, Victoria


Amit Kishor

Smart Footprints partners have decades of hands on combined experience in the areas of


  • IT and Business Strategic alignment, Infrastructure, Data and Business Processes to support Digital Transformation.

  • Network Design, Supplier Selection and Implementation Oversight.

  • Network Engineering, Operation and Management (Datacentre, campus and branch office local networks).

  • Network connectivity to cloud services, Intersite and Internet carrier connectivity.

  • Network Orchestration and Automation.
  • Cybersecurity Reviews and Solution Design.

  • Access to a selection of best in class Network Monitoring and Managed Services