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Products & Services

Future places are complex and dynamic.  We help custom navigate a way forward as your trusted advisor.

From readiness checks to strategy, solution design, technology selection, implementation and benefit realisation we can deliver for you.


Our ISO/IEC standards knowledge future proofs your investments in sustainable smart infrastructure, data and services.  


We have domain expertise in government, utilities, telecommunications, education, research and health sectors.

Data is increasingly driving business outcomes.  We take time to understand your data landscape and business strategies and capabilities to discover gaps and opportunities to extract maximum value. 


We combine data management, governance, business process optimisation and analytics to deliver new insights and can automate costly data processing.

Our data portal can ingest, analyse and visualise data into dashboards as a cloud hosted service located in Australia.


Networks are transforming, traditional designs are costly to operate, secure and manage. 


We redesign networks to be vendor neutral, agile, resilient, scalable and flexible to connect to other networks and multi-cloud services ready for business.  


We can review, design, procure and manage large and complex networks and have done so successfully across banking, education, research and government sectors.

Customers preferring a complete solution can also opt for Smart Footprints to help manage solutions on their behalf in order for them to focus on their core business.

Products include a custom network monitoring and remote management solution.

We can securely manage your network, including enterprise and carrier networks, data analytics and your future places services.

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